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10:51pm 16/07/2002
  i want some email!! LOL someone send me an email my email is roxmyysocks@hotmail.com don't forget the extra y lol so yah today sucked i was SUPPOSED to go the mall with shawna and i called but no she wasnt home next weekend ? friday or sunday? wait sunday have to be sunday okay lol any yah im confused this guy thinks im leading him on and i dont knoe if i am i dont want to be but i like how it is now oh well im going to bed night  
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06:31pm 12/07/2002
  omg yesterday was creazy but first i need to update on where ive been cuz josh kept bugging me about not writting it in this thing i went to my dads in colorado cuz my rents have this dumb custody thing where me and my brother hafta spend half the summer with him which SUX becauze you know I'd rather stay in california for the summer i mean duh, obvously this is the place to be lol but yea i have to tell you abotu yesterday now hm yahhhh well I had a party lastnight and yah it was alright it was more of a kickback. all the guys were mad becasue it was like all guys...sorry i dont hang with many girls.. anyway yah the cops came and stuff and i just played it kewl while everyone was freaking and they were just like okay and left kinda funny they came by like twice but yah my mom found out im not really sure how much truoble i am at this point she was like i was a teenager once to but i dunno i have to pay for some vent someone broke and i have to apolgize to the nieghbors i dunno it wasnt even wild i dunno they might take my car away i will die!! but yah im done bitching now bye  
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i can breath finally!   
08:19pm 16/06/2002
  omg I'm so glad schools fiunally over! i hate it so much only one year left guys lol countin down the days untill I never hafta go back there lol but for now I'll be enjoying my summer vacation chillen and tanning lol today I went to the mall with the task of buying two grad gifts for grad partys, Jaimees Bday present and Lindsey's B-day. It was me Rachel and my lil bro we got him to buy all these bad ass CDs instead
of the lame ass metal shit he calls music, so he got the New NFG cd so yah that rulez i'm spreading the nfg luv lol
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09:34pm 14/06/2002

Which Dashboard Confessional Song Are You?

By Tiffany

MM chris carrabba yummy lol whose with me?
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hell yah!   
09:31pm 14/06/2002
woo hoo this rox!   
09:26pm 14/06/2002
  i made a wishlist at cdnow lol go search for my email adress it's roxmyysocks@hotmail.com and buy me things yah right liek anyone will!  
hey look lol   
07:02pm 13/06/2002
  Its me driving my moms car! lol i rock =)

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woo hoo!   
09:52pm 11/06/2002
  thanks i_dig_scars for saveing me from boredom! lol =D  
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09:50pm 11/06/2002
  omggggggg im so bored! someone im me sparkletrix =D  
oh yah!   
04:30pm 11/06/2002
  loook how cool is this http://www.mtv.com/music/first_listen/new_found_glory/ i need to go get that cd lol anyone wanna come? lol i love nfg hey why doesnt anyone ever comment comments are fun =D  
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03:38pm 11/06/2002
  me and shawna were driving aroudn today after school with the top down blasting boxcar omg it was so rad this guy totally chcked us out when we were stopped by dorotea park shawna dared me to get his number but i coulden't stop laughing lol he washott though liek a skater guy yummy o well maybe ill find someone eventually now I'm going to watch can't hardly wait cuz im bored and have nothing beteter to do okay bye  
08:51pm 10/06/2002
  marks band has gotten even better sinec i saw them last! i'm so happy for him hes so cute when hes playing i cant wait for there show this saturday when did i become sucha groupie? lol but its cool cuz they know im not in it for the sex HAHA i'm in it for the MUSIC!! lol!!  
time for tha punk rock show   
03:49pm 10/06/2002
  kay i'm off to taco bell and then to watch mark's band practice theyre so good! they're emo and punky theyre called never forever. he gave me twoof his stickers i'll try to take a picture of them next time im at mikes cuz he has a webcam oh yah haha and mark dyed his hair blue thats rad lol  
03:34pm 10/06/2002
  hey look its me!!

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03:28pm 10/06/2002
  OMG! I Just made the most awesome shirt . well i had this old red and white baseball shirt and i cut off most of the sleeves and then i took the material and i cut out like a broken hear and put it on the front and then under it i wrote love is overrated it sounds retarded but its cute oh and i like cut on the neckline thing im thinking about putting the rest of the lyrics " it leaves you devistated heart ripped it two on the back" and then putting the ataris i love it but it sucks cuz i cant sew so i glued the heart peices on and i have 5 year old boy writing but its all good im going to but anouther baseball shirt and do it better this is the rough draft haha  
02:53pm 10/06/2002
  hey I just got home and i am soooo freaking tired omg my cat keeps walking across thekeyboard evertime i try to type!! i need a diet coke and a backrub any takers?lol  
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suck suck suck   
06:02am 10/06/2002
  Today my little brothers having his birthday party. AHHH I'm going to have a million little middle schoolers running around my house! i feel soooomuch older than him now. I'm going to be 18 in like a year that scares the shit out of me I'm going to graduate soon I don't have any idea what I'm going to do I'm probably just going to go to community college I have no idea what I want my career to be I was also thinking about it and most of my friends right now are younger and I didn't really think anything about it I mean when I was a freshman I hung out with mainly like sophomores and when I was like sophomore I hung with JRs but when I hit JR year I started hanging out with younger people. oh well i guess I won't think about it now cuz i have to go to school soon. going to watch danny's band practice later on tonight hell yah!  
well heres a way to see who i am   
08:12pm 09/06/2002
  ~~ Have You Ever.. ~~
1. Kissed your cousin: ewww
2. Ran away: lol when i was like 9 to the end of the street
3. Pictured your crush naked: I dont really have a "crush"
4. Actually seen your crush naked: um
5. Broken someone's heart: well maybe but i think i mended it
6. Been in love: nah im broken
7. Cried when someone died: yah
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have:story of my life
9. Broken a bone: no * knocks on wood*
10. Drank alcohol:ummm maybe once or twice lol
11. Lied:ummm maybe
12. Cried in school: yah

~~ Which is better.. ~~
13. Coke or Pepsi: DIET COKE!!!
14. Sprite or 7-Up: sprite
15. Girls or Guys: guys!
16. Flowers or Candy: candy lol
17. Scruff or Clean Shaven: clean
18. Quiet or Loud: loud
19. Blondes or Brunettes:doesnt matter maybe half and half like me haha
20. Nice or Playas: you know since every gurl dreams of a "playa"
21. Tall or Short: tall
22. Pants or Shorts: pants

~~ With The Opposite Sex.. ~~
23. What Do You Notice First: shoes lol
24. Last Person You Slow Danced With: justin lol
25. Worst Question To Ask: how big are your boobs? i think im the 3rd gurl to put this that i know

~~ The Last Time.. ~~
26. Showered:like a week now lol naw umm o lcok so 7 hours lol gross!
27. Had Sex:lol me??? never!
28. Had A Great Time With The Opposite Sex lastnight

~~ What Is.. ~~
29. Your Good Luck Charm: dont have one
30. Person You Hate Most: KIM!!! lol
31. The Best Thing That Has Happened To You Today:my grandma gave me forty bucks and said shed buy me a new comp when we moved!! =)
32. Color: hot pink!
33. Movie: mallrats baby!!!
34. Subject In School: T&A lol
35. Juice: orange maybe with something extra ;)
36. Cars: mustang 5.0 convertibles like mine!! lol!
37. Ice Cream: umm ben andjerrys phish food yum!!!
38. Holiday:my bday!!
39. Season: winter and summer
40. Breakfast Food: i dont do breakfast
41. Place To Go With Your Honey:a punk rock show!!

~~ Who.. ~~
43. Makes You Laugh The Most: hmm rachel when she says somthing dumb shawna when she says tiga woods yall
44. Makes You Smile: justin and kayla cuz she said i make her smile that makes me smile =) like that
45. Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them: lol!
46. Has A Crush On You: lol justin and biker guys lol
47. Do You Have A Crush On: i dont know.... i guess no one right now
48. Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What: thats a tough one rachel
49. Easier To Talk To, Guys Or Girls: umm matters which ones

~~ Do You Ever.. ~~
50. Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night:no lol they wouldnt get threw anyways im always onilne lol
51. Save AOL Conversations: nah
52. Save E-Mails: jokes and such
53. Wish You Were Someone Else: umm yah
54. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex: when its that time of the month
55. Cried Because Of Someone's Mean Words: yes..

~~ Best.. ~~
56. Cologne: polo sport yumm!
57. Perfume: clinque happy, pink victorias secret, and a classic, tommy girl!
58. Kiss: the guyz in american pie 2 lol!
59. Romantic Memory:i havent really had one
60. Most Recent Advice Given To You: i dont really wanna say..

~~ Have You.. ~~
61. Fallen For Your Best Friend?:well shawna lol nah
62. Made Out W/ Just A Friend?: yah to many times =(
63. Been Rejected?: yah
64. Been In Love?: no
65. Been In Lust?:yah
66. Used Someone?: i never saw it like that
67. Been Used?: i dont know prolly
69. Been Cheated On?:kinda long story
70. Been Kissed?: ya
71. Done Something You Regret?: yes !

~~ Who Was The Last Person.. ~~
72. You Touched?: my grandma!
73. You Talked To?: online? billy phone? justin
74. You Hugged?:my lil cousin demi
75. You Instant Messaged?:rachel now
78. You Yelled At?:my mom
79. You Laughed With?: my older brothers g/f and my brother lol
80. Who Broke Your Heart?: mario well i dunno bout heart becasue i wasnt in love but he hurt me
81. Who Told You They Loved You?: my dad

~~ Do You.. ~~
82. Color Your Hair?: bottle blondes rock!!
83. Have Tattoos?: nah
84. Have Piercings?:my ears and bellybutton im hardcore lol
85. Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Both?:no
86. Own A Webcam?: no
87. Own A Thong?: like 30 pairs lol fetish lol
88. Ever Get Off The Damn Computer?:haha when my brother wants to go online
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsche?: no i dont thats causes infections
90. Habla Espanol?: umm maybe
91. Quack?:...... like as in a duck?i love ducks babies!!!1

~~ Have You/Do You/Are You.. ~~
92. Stolen Anything?: lol
93. Smoke?: no way!! disgust
94. Schizophrenic?: um no
95. Obsessive?: maybe with underwear and blink 182 lol
96. Compulsive?: no
98. Panic?: not really
99. Anxiety?: nope
100. Depressed?: naw
101. Suicidal?:no!
102. Obsessed With Hate?: no
103. Dream Of Mutilated Bodies, Blood, Death, And Gore?:gross!
105. If You Could Be Anywhere, Where Would You Be?: i dont know.
106. Can You Do Anything Freakish With Your Body?: what?.
107. What Facial Feature Do You Find The Most Attractive On Others?: lips
108. Would You Vote For A Woman Candidate For President?:sure
109. Would You Marry For Money?: how much? lol nah j/k
110. Have You Had Braces?:have them now but there off in a month hell yah!
111. Do You Pluck Your Eyebrows?: duh!!l
112. Do You Like Hairy Backs?: what? thats hott lol
113. When Was The Last Time You Had A Hickey?ummm wait a couple weeks ago
114. Could You Live Without A Computer?: nno way
115. Do You Use ICQ, AOL Buddy List Etc...?: aolim
116. If So, How Many People Are On Your List(S)?:hmm i have 13 chicks i have 46 dicks i have 86 faimly i have6 u do the math
118. Do You Wear White Socks?: sometimes
119. Do You Wear Shoes In The House Or Take Them Off?:take em off
120. What Is Your Favorite Fruit?: umm nanners maybe lol
121. Do You Eat Wheat Bread Or White?: both
122. What Is Your Favorite Place To Visit?: the cedar center
123. What Is The Last Movie You Saw?: spiderman
125. Are You Photogenic?: no lol
126. Do You Dream In Color Or Black And White?: color
127. Are You Wearing Fingernail Polish?: yah hot pink!! yah buddy
128. Is It Chipped Or Fresh?: chipped lol
129. Do You Have Any Dimples?: naw
130. Do You Remember Being Born?:lol no
131. Why Do You Take Surveys?: boredom
132. Do You Drink Alcohol?: didnt we already cover this?
133. Did You Like Or Do You Like High School?:its alright
134. What Is The Best Accent?: australian maybe canadian lol
135. Who Do You Want To Kiss?: tom ! from blink gawd that would be awesome
136. Do You Like Sunrises Or Sunsets The Most?: sunsests! i love night
137. Do You Want To Live To Be 100?:i dont know
138. Is A Flat Stomach Important To You?:nah dont care
139. Do You Or Have You Played With A Ouija Board?: i want to
140. Are You Loyal?: yah (when im actully commited)
141. Are You Tolerant Of Other Peoples Beliefs?: yah
142. When You Watch Movies At Home, Do You Like The Lights On Or Off?: off
143. Do You Have Nightmares Frequently?: no
144. Do You Like Your Nose?:its alright
145. Do You Think You Can Draw Well?: no
146. At What Age Did You Find Out That Santa Claus Wasn't Real?: i dont know like 8
147. How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do Have In Your Closet?: jeeze do sandles counts like 10
148. Do You Like To Wear The Same Shoes Everyday Or Do You Like A Variety?: variety
149. Do You Write Poetry?: no
150. Do You Snore?: i hope not
151. Do You Sleep More On Your Back, Front, Or Sides?: on myh side at the edge of my bed lol
152. Dog/Cat?: kittes!!!
153. Do You Lick Stamps?: yes
154. Do You Use An Electric Can Opener?: no hand held
155. Have You Ridden In A Hotair Balloon?:now that would be bad ass
156. Which Hurts The Most, Physical Or Emotional Pain?: emotional...
157. Favorite TV Show?:hmmm dissmissed i mainly watch mtv2 though
158. Do You Know Anyone Who Is Clinically Depressed?: i hope not
159. Do You Prefer A Piano Or A Violin?: none
160. Are You A Sex Addict?:ummmmmm
161. Do You Know Someone Who Has Cancer?:i hope not
162. Do You Like To Argue?: my mom says i do but when i know im right
163. Do You Hunt?: no!!
164. Do You Like Fast Food Joints, Or Expensive Restaurants?: both
165. Would You Rather Visit A Zoo Or An Art Museum?: Zoo!
167. Are You Basically A Happy Person?:yah
168. Are You Tired?: ayes! like always
169. Did You Drink Anything With Caffeine In It Today?: coffee soda
170. Have You Ever Met Anyone Off The Internet?: noperz
171. How Many Phones Do You Have In Your House?:plugged in??4.
172. How Long Is Your Hair?: past my shoulders but im thinking ofcutting it
173. Do You Get Along With Your Parents?: sometimes
174. What Color Of Eyes Do You Prefer?: brown
175. Like Your Name?: yah
176. Were You Named After Anyone?: yah some gurl at my moms highschool lol
177. Do You Wish On Stars?:yah!
178. Which Finger Is Your Favorite?:lol i dont like my midgit hands
179. When Did You Last Cry?: ummlike a month ago
181. Do You Like Your Handwriting?:nah
182. Who Do You Admire?: dunno
183. What Is The #1 Priority In Your Life?: i dont know
184. What Is Your Favorite Lunchmeat?:turkey
185. Any Bad Habits?:yah cracking my fingers
186. What Is Your Most Embarrassing CD?:hmm pure funk no acully that cds bad ass
187. If You Were Another Person, Would You Be Friends With Yourself?: yah
188. Are You A Daredevil?: not really
189. Have You Ever Told A Secret You Swore Not To Tell?: no
190. Have You Ever Stolen Anything?: ya even though a already said that
191. Do Looks Matter?: kinda i try not to think like that though
192. Have You Ever Misused A Word And It Sounded Absolutely Stupid?:yah "im going to consrict that"
193. Do You Think There Is A Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow?:yah and im going to get it!
194. Do Fish Have Feelings?: i dunno
195. Are You Trendy?: kinda
196. How Do You Release Anger?:i dont know
197. Where Is Your Second Home?:rachels, ceder cneter
198. Do You Trust Others Easily?:i stopped that
199. What Was Your Favorite Toy As A Child?: i dunno i know i had pink cowboy boots i wouldnt take off
200. What Class In School Do You Think Is Totally Useless?:history it already happened who the hell cares
201. Do You Like Sappy Love Songs?: yes =)
202. Have You Ever Been On Radio Or Television?:no
203. Do You Have A Journal?: i do now! llol
204. Do You Use Sarcasm A Lot?: yes maybe to much
205. Have You Ever Been In Another Country?: yah mexico and brazil baby lol
206. What Do You Look For In A Guy/Girl?: umm personality can take a joke and music!
207. What Is Your Nickname?:ambular and V.S!
208. Would You Bungee Jump?:hell yah
209. Do You Untie Your Shoes Every Time You Take Them Off?:no way
210. What Are You Worried About Right Now?: my headache
211. Do You Ever Wear Overalls?:naw
212. Do You Think You Are Strong?: lol yah right im weak
213. What's Your Least Favorite Thing In The World?: assholeguys
214. How Many Wisdom Teeth Do You Have?: none they all got pulled! ouch!
215. Do You Have Anything Pierced?: ears and bellybutton
216. Do You Have Any Tattoos?: no dammit! you already asked
217. What Would You Change About Yourself?: everything
218. Who Is Most Likely To Respond To This First?: no idea
219. Who Are The People You Care Most About?: freinds and family
220. I See: a computer?
222. I Find: headaches annoying
223. I Want: to figure everything out
224. I Have: a headache
225. I Wish: i had some fries
226. I Love: music
227. I Hate:asshole guys
228. I Miss: casey =(
229. I Fear:ill be hurt like always
230. I Feel: pain
231. I Hear: NFG!!!yah!
232. I Smell: trhe cat box yum lol
233. I Wonder:what im wearing tommrow
234. I Regret: alot of stuff
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12:58pm 09/06/2002
  This is my first journal entry wow this is kind of weird. but yah this week we have finals so i get home early and maybe kim will come over to! I went to E-Z take out with david today I love there fries yummy yesterday was fun to i went to this band Liesureboys practice and some show the only reason we went is so Jaime could bone Sean didnt happen but its cool lol I had a good time we got into the show that night free even though sean thought it would be funny to write moron on my wristband oh yah it wasnt funny! he spit on jaimes hand (shell never wash it) warped tour in a month! woo hoo! im so excited. Im in the best mood ive been in since friday night! go me!  
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